Karen Romano Young is a polar explorer, a deep-sea diver, and a long-time resident of Bethel (35 years!) 2020 saw the publication of her 30th children’s book — A Girl, A Raccoon, and the

Midnight Moon (named an Amazon Best Book of 2020 So Far). Karen’s work as a science communicator has taken her on expeditions all over the world, and inspired the creation of her science comic series #AntarcticLog.

Join us as Karen talks about her adventures and the stories they inspire, and extends an invitation to kids 10 to 17 to create their own science comics for a Science Comic Contest with a deadline of October 31. Rules and parent/guardian permission forms can be found here. Send completed forms to wrenyoung@gmail.com. Prizes include publication in and a subscription to the award-winning science magazine Muse, an #AntarcticLog t-shirt from Palmer Station, Antarctica, and surprises from the International Ocean Discovery Program — plus more!

Karen Romano Young

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