This lovely little poem by physician, poet, and music lover Richard Berlin brings something very common to our attention―something that might be overlooked until we see through the eyes of a poet.  Once I read this poem, I couldn't attend a concert or even a simple recital without admiration for the very essential and yet unsung page turner.  And I see too in this poem Berlin as a medical student, focused on earning his badge of honor.

The Page Turner

stands heron-still, flexed,

fully alert, focused on the music,

her hand a burst of wind

tossing a white sheet.

While the spotlight admires

the soloist's passion, I love

the page turner even more,

remembering the thrill

of starting at the bottom―

tracking labs, holding retractors,

the lowest rung a badge of honor,

all the confidence earned when

we learn to accept our place.

―Richard Berlin (from his poetry collection Practice, used with permission)

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