There's something quite wonderful about rain, something quiet and timeless.  Dick Allen (1939-2017), Poet Laureate of Connecticut from 2010-2015, was known as a mystical poet, a Zen poet.  Here he gives us his thoughts on rain.  

Here, I Shall Dwell

Here, I shall dwell in the rain.

Here, I shall watch the rain come down upon me,

through the branches of willows.

Here, I shall look out across Thrushwood Lake,

watching the wild geese appear and vanish.

Here, I shall dwell in the rain

as others have dwelt before me.

Here, I shall lift my hands to the rain

falling on my palms, running down my forearms.

Here, I shall dwell in the rain.

I shall dwell here in the rain.

―Dick Allen (from his collection Zen Master Poems, Wisdom Publications, 2016)

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