The excitement of a new restaurant is evident when you walk into Dragonfly, with an atmosphere that is lively yet laid back and inviting. The staff is friendly and welcoming and eager to share their knowledge of the menu. There is something in the air that says, “This is the place to be.” It is a place where little details matter, like when the server noticed it was a little chilly and without me saying anything, turned up the heat or when my rosé arrived perfectly chilled. Five visits in, I can safely say the service and the food have been consistently great.

Asian Chopped Salad. Photo Credit: Karen Hemsey

Larry Stramiello and Tim Brady are Co-owners of Dragonfly. Larry is a Danbury native and beloved local Bartender who was the former owner of Cousin Larry’s in Danbury. He has been honing his hospitality skills for over 32 years. Tim came to this venture having been the Executive Chef at The Waterview and polished his skills at many other Fairfield County restaurants. His creativity and effort are on display in every dish I have had thus far. You can just tell when a chef really cares about each dish. As with any great restaurant,the atmosphere draws you in but the great food keeps you coming back and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some innovative cocktails to go with it. Happy Hour is 2:00-5:00 Mon-Thurs.

Pierogies. Photo Credit: Karen Hemsey

I must admit what got me in the door the first time was hearing someone mention that they made delicious pierogis. They are topped with crispy bits of bacon, caramelized shallots, and a heavenly gorgonzola pesto cream sauce. They rivaled and actually exceeded experiences I have had at a fine dining restaurant in NYC.

I’m a bit of a salad snob and I was delighted to see they had so many innovative choices. I happily went with the chopped Asian salad. It was so unique and flavorful, topped with sautéed seaweed and ahi tuna. It is my new favorite salad! Most recently, we had the pleasure of trying the Buffalo Chicken Pops. They were so unique….I would liken them to a chicken croquette with a celery stalk as the “lollipop” stick. What a delicious treat. The restaurant accurately calls itself American Fusion with so many interesting combinations and sauces.

Dragonfly is set up with 3 different rooms to dine in, one being the bar. It feels like it could almost be a casita from the Southwest with a warm environment. The patio when the weather permits is one of the nicest in the area. Even though they are on a main road, the patio is secluded from that and you feel as if you are somewhere much more intimate. There is also a fire pit area and small bar outside. They plan to have live music this Spring/Summer.

We are so lucky to have this new addition to our little foodie town! We wish them all the success in the world!

Diningroom.  Photo Credit:  Karen Hemsey
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