Ever since Bryan Terzian—of Bethel’s Terzian & Son—was a child, he has been fascinated with Bigfoot (Sasquatch). So, when the beautiful old Maple tree on his 147 South Street rental property became sick and needed to be cut down, he had a decision to make. He wondered if he should just remove the tree altogether.  “I always loved looking at that tree every time I drove by,” Bryan said, “I thought how fun would it be to have a carving of Bigfoot out of the stump. Something fun and different. A gift to the town. The tree would still have meaning and be fun to look at.”

Sergio Atansoff pictured in front of his shop.  Photo courtesy of his Face Book site.

Bryan hired Sergio Atanasoff from In The Spirit of Wood to create a Bigfoot masterpiece on South Street. And Sergio did. It took him 2 days to complete and was finished on Thursday, August 5th. “There have already been many people driving by and commented about it on the local Bethel Facebook sites,” Bryan said, “I hope it brings joy to all who drive by." Sergio is a self taught chainsaw artist who brought Bryan's vision to life this week for all to enjoy for years to come.

Scraps of wood while Sergio carved Bigfoot. Photo, courtesy of Kellie Brien.
Bigfoot stands proud. Photo, courtesy of Kellie Obrien.

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